Antiques in the Most Unlikely of Places

Sometimes you’ll find antique dealers in the most unlikely of places – and the most unlikely of people. Barry Huckeby is a Northwood University math instructor in Tittabawassee Township, Michigan. He’s also the assistance men’s basketball coach. He also loves antiques, and he has opened the Freeland Antique Mall.

As Huckeby said, “I’m a third generation antique collector and dealer. So, I’ve been around it all my life.”

He hasn’t just opened the mall for himself. As of September, 2015, he had 83 dealers at the mall from approximately eight different Michigan counties. The antique mall now includes vintage jewelry, home décor, collectibles, toys and so much more.

As Huckeby said, “Really anything that you can imagine. I’m even surprised sometimes. You never know what you’re gonna find.”

Now, to draw in even more business, a field adjacent to the space was the venue to the Fall Harvest Flea Market that took place this weekend on Saturday, October 10th.


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