Artistic Program for Women

women-artTwenty-five artistic women will be given the opportunity to take part in a free three-month educational program by the Taller de Arte del Municipio de Bayamón (the Art Workshop) in Puerto Rico.  This program – that will kick off in the beginning of next year – is being organized by Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz, the Bayamón mayor, Doral Bank, and a leading Puerto Rican community bank.  The goal is to “further encourage and enhance the participants’ artistic abilities and techniques.”  The program forms one of the many initiatives that seek to help facilitate the process of opening a business for women.  And this is why small businesses will not be charged registration tax for a year.

Indeed, according to Ramón Luis Rivera Cruz: “the idea is to open up avenues for self-employment for women with artistic interests. Women represent an important but often underutilized force in an economy. In Puerto Rico, where we all are trying to create a stronger economy, women can and should play a vibrant role. Entrepreneurship offers the potential of capital creation and jobs – all of which enhance the well being of the community. ‘Taller de Arte del Municipio de Bayamón’ is being undertaken to help women realize their economic potential through their artistic capabilities, including the possibility of establishing their own business in a related work field.”

Jesús Méndez, EVP for Doral Bank Puerto Rico Operations pointed out, Doral is committed to encouraging entrepreneurial development among women in the island by providing important business development tools. As women receive more opportunities to become entrepreneurs, Puerto Rico’s economy increases its potential.”

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