America’s Horse in Art Show & Sale Featured Artist Announced

Talk about niche art. Every year, one artist becomes the  America’s Horse in Art Show & Sale featured artist. The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum will have an art show and sale in August of 2018 and the signature artist will be featured there.

So who is the artist this year? Don Weller of Oakley, Utah has won the coveted title for the 11th annual show. His Western paintings have received many awards including the Steel Dust Award from the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum. What does the signature artist do at the show? They create a piece of art that will then represent the show for the year. The artwork will be featured with the online marketing materials and with all print materials and a print will be available to buyers closer to the show date. 

Learn about the museum and about the upcoming show.


The World’s Fare Coming to New York

This is such an interesting idea, not to be missed for those who can get to New York in April. The famous World’s Fair is having a recreation on April 28th and 29th in the parking lot of Citi Field in Queens. The event will be called The World’s Fare and is intended to celebrate equality and diversity in New York City. There will be 100 vendors present and art from different cultures.

As CEO of operations Joshua Schneps said,  “We are seeking to empower all the different cultures that make up the most diverse place on the planet and the timing could not be more important.”

Exhibit at the Krannert Art Museum

If you haven’t seen Krannert Art Museum‘s “Coveting Nature’ exhibit, you have just a few more weeks to do so. On display since August, the exhibit features more than a dozen prints and illustrations from antique botany and scientific works from the 16th-19th centuries. The event will close on December 22.

There is book from 1665 on display of “Mocrographia” which is the first English publication that shows observations made under a microscope. There is also a still-life paining by Anna Ruysch from the 1690s.

You can call the museum at 217-333-1861 for more information. The museum is open 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and is located at 500 E Peabody Drive in Champaign, Illinois. 

Chesterton Art Fair Coming Soon

It’s certainly worthwhile to be part of the Chesterton Art Fair taking place at Dogwood Park in Chesterton, Indiana on August 5 and 6th. The entry cost is only $5 and the event includes more than 85 juried artists. One art lover, Wendy Marciniak, explained that “Everything sold and exhibited is one-of-a-kind and that’s one of the reasons more than 7000 people come to this event every August.”

Art work available to enjoy and purchase includes drawings, paintings, stained glass, sculptures, weaving and more.

The outdoor art fair also includes live music by local musicians, a great menu of food vendors and more.

The Brewery as the Perfect Art Display Location

There are many ways to see and to appreciate art, and they don’t all have to take place in a museum. That’s what brewery owners in Colorado are starting to figure out, as they experiment with displaying artwork in their breweries.

As artist Amanda Willshire explained, “Brewers are artists themselves using a palette of hops, malts and other yummy ingredients to create their masterpieces. Since most of their time is spent perfecting their own craft, they look to visual and performance artists to bring something special to complement their space.”

Willshire, for instance, creates sculptures out of recycled beer bottle caps. Her work is featured in many breweries in Boulder and across Colorado. She displays her artwork in locations like Vindication, Upslope, Twisted Pine, Great Divide, and Odell.

Jesse Crock, another Colorado-based artist, also has her acrylic paintings in breweries around the state. He had his first big break with Eddyline Brewery in Buena Vista and has had his paintings featured on their Pumpkin, Raspberry and Red Chile beer labels.

The Taproom Manager at Odyssey Beerwerks, Jeremy Sisco, explains why he thinks that it’s so appropriate for artwork to be displayed at breweries. As he said,

 “The process of brewing can be so creative, just like visual art. Brewing may be more scientific, but without a creative mind neither would be very good.”

Certainly, this is an interesting trend that is worth thinking about and enjoying!

L.A. Art Show Returned Recently

The L.A. Art Show returned recently with 90 galleries from more than 18 countries representing a huge range of paintings, sculpture, works on paper, photography and more. They estimated that 70,000 visitors enjoyed exhibits that focused on Latin American art at the “Pacific Standard Time LA/LA” show.

There were special exhibitions that included minimalist Korean form Dansaekwha by Kim Tae-Ho and Kim Tschang-Yeul. There were panel discussions as well that included CUBA: Behind the Wall and a talk on “Pacific Standard Time LA/LA.

There was an opening night gala that benefited St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

As described by the Hollywood Reporter,

“Not just paintings but performance, soundworks and screenings all are part of Art Los Angeles Contemporary (ALAC). Featuring 60 local and international galleries, including newcomers from Asia and Latin America, this unusual mix will include composer William Basinski’s piece “Disintegration Loops” and performance artist Puppies Puppies employing readymade mascot costumes commenting on the commonplace from a queer perspective. Performance artist Todd Gray will recall a near-death experience involving rock icon Iggy Pop while the two were living in Laurel Canyon during the mid-’70s. And producer Roger Corman and actor Mary Woronov will discuss their work and its impact on counter-cultural esthetics from the ’60s onward. The event will take place Jan. 26-29 at The Barker Hangar in Santa Monica.”


A Mosaic Marathon in San Diego

color-767594_960_720If you’re near San Diego from April 4-8, you should definitely try to make it to the 2016 American Mosaic Summit. This is an amazing four day event that includes 44 workshop sessions spread over three days and four tours.

In addition to everything else, they will have their Evenings with the Pros which is a series of business and professional artist focused discussions. It should help those who are hoping to improve their business skills, take their work to the marketplace, expand their outreach and more.

Their professional development seminars will focus this year on three things: technical mastery, artistic achievement, and career success. They are also going to have Mosaic Tours that will take you to some of the hidden gems in and around San Diego where you can see mosaics come to life.

And, of course, there will be the 2016 Mosaic Marathon where participants will come together to make and dedicate a mosaic.

Barrett Wissman: “A New Meaning for Performance Arts”

Sting and Trudy perform "Twin Spirits"Art shouldn’t be about money, profits and making a business. At least, that’s what businessman and art patron Barrett Wissman believes. Described by Gulf Elite magazine as “the Medici of the 21st century,” Wissman “sees innovation in differentiation.” And with this, the Los Angeles, California, IMG Artists visionary has been making a name for himself in what has now become known as the annual Tuscan Sun Festival, among other such ventures.

Barrett Wissman has a mission. Right now there is so much money being linked to the art industry, at the expense of fine arts and refined music. Barrett Wissman thus wants to “have more and more people enjoy and love the arts.” And, to do this, he is “attempting to convey a new meaning for performance arts.” The Tuscan Sun Festival has played a big part in this. And following that, he played a pivotal role in what culminated in the Napa Valley Festival del sole.

But Wissman has not taken his business hat off either. Rather, he seems to have combined his entrepreneurial spirit with his love of the arts. This can be seen through his dedicative work with the IMG artists.

But even with his success in the industry, Wissman ensures he remains level-headed. He knows how important it is to respect eastern cultures in music. He said:

“It would be arrogant for us to come in with all-western music. The collaboration between western and eastern music and arts is one of our driving philosophies. To show that performance arts lives within all boundaries is our core value. We cannot claim the world is our stage unless we actually work towards that goal.”

If this Los Angeles, Californian businessman can make art more accessible for the masses – simultaneously mixing eastern and western cultures – from both a business and art point-of-view, he would have been successful.