The Frieze London

The Frieze Masters fair just opened its doors to its most important visitors. With more than $1.5 billion of art, the show attracts a wide range of guests, including hedge fund managers, business moguls and veteran collectors.

This particular Frieze fair features more than 90 international galleries focusing on pre-21st century works. Nearby, Frieze London sells contemporary art of similar value.

“It will bring more people,” said Judith Greer, a contemporary art collector. “Clients who went to Basel, who thought Frieze too cutting edge, will now come along. There’s less of a willingness to gamble now, and interior designers are mixing the new with the classic modern.”

Richard Feigen, New York dealer, added: “So far there hasn’t been that much crossover buying. There’s a huge gulf in price for good works by contemporary and Old Master artists, and word has got back to collectors. They’ll now have a chance to company the markers at the two fairs.”

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