The Honorable Company of Horners

The Honorable Company of Horners is a group of practitioners of the ancient art of horn carving. This past weekend, the artisans gathered at an annual conference to discuss and showcase their trade. This year, the event was hosted by the Army Heritage and Education Center in Pennsylvania.

According to Art DeCamp, a member of the Honorable Company, the gathering provides an outlet for kindred spirits to share knowledge and techniques that would otherwise be lost in history.

“In the old days, it was knowledge that was passed down word-of-mouth from the shop master to his apprentice,” DeCamp explained. “It was not written down.”

The non-profit organization aims to document the trade in a way that is educational to the public while remaining loyal to the period.

“We are all artisans,” said Jeff Bibb, guild master of the Honorable Company. “We are all working to produce items that are historically significant and continue the study of the history of our country.”

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