Honors for Michigan Antique Festival and Lori Oberlin

Lori Oberlin, the owner of the Michigan Antique Festival recently received a letter of recognition signed by Rep. Gary Glenn, Sen. Jim Stamas and Gov. Rick Snyder. This festival brings antique dealers, visitors and vendors from around the country to Midland, Michigan every year. The festival is the biggest antique show in the state and will soon start its fifth decade of operations. They estimate that about 75,000 people visit the five annual statewide events.

As the letter said in part, “Since its inception, the Michigan Antique Festival has been an annual tradition observed not only by those in Midland, but throughout our entire state. This dynamic and vibrant tradition draws thousands of visitors annually, making the Michigan Antique Festival a truly unique Pure Michigan experience.”

As Oberlin told the Daily News, “This was quite an honor for us,”

The Michigan Antique Festival will be in Davisburg October 3-4 at the Springfield Oaks County Park.


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