Julian Schnabel’s Recent Projects

schnabelPainter and director Julian Schnabel has his fingers in my pies. Just at the moment he is busy with a few projects. This includes the design of the sales center for Vladimir Doronin’s Brickell Flatiron project, as well as the New York art exhibition “View of Dawn in the Tropics, Paintings, 1989–1990.”

First exhibited 12 years ago and created 25 years ago, this exhibition is the result of Schnabel’s attitude to painting “as an act as susceptible to chance and circumstance as life itself.” As Schnabel himself explains, “a lot of what I do is about being in the moment…The residue of what happens; that’s what’s in the paintings.”

Schnabel created these paintings through an expression of “baroque excess combined with improvisational daring.” He used an array of different materials, including broken plaints, collage, viscous resin, flat digital reproduction and more. He also used a variety of themes in this project: obsession, suffering, sexuality, belief, etc.

For those interested in the art scene and new architecture, Schnabel’s works should be closely followed.

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