Grand Palais, Paris

Many antique dealers will be featured at an upcoming exhibition in September  at Paris’s  Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées (usually referred to just as the Grand Palais). The historic building is very majestic and  grand, and includes  a museum and an exhibition hall.

The Grand Palace (as it known in English) was built in 1897 after the Palace of the Industry (Palais de l’Industrie) was demolished.  It was intended to be a part of the preparatory works for the 1900 Universal Exposition.  The architectural style used for the structure was Beaux-Arts, incorporating ornate decoration, stone facades and  techniques such as glass vaulting  and iron and light steel framing as well as reinforced concrete.

For art, antique and art-history lovers alike therefore, this upcoming exhibition is certain to satisfy.

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