Upcoming Biennale des Antiquaries in Paris

In a recent article, Defining Chic , published in the September issue of  Art & Auction Magazine, Simon Hewitt previewed  the upcoming Biennale des Antiquaries in Paris.  He explained that the participant list had been whittled down from 94 to 87, and that the auction space was designed by Agence Decoral and Patrick Bazanan.

He described the Oval Office replica that Kramer, the Parisian 17th and 18th century furniture dealer, had put  together for the event and he discussed the presence of modern art specialists this year.  There were, according to Mr. Hewitt, twice as many modern art specialists this year than there were dealers in the Old Master paintings..

He also described the eclectic mix at the fair, with highlights that ranged from the 3rd-2nd century B.C. Hellenistic bronze equestrian figure of Alexander the Great at Phoenix Ancient Art, to Renaissance of Yiddish Culture, which was a show of Kiev-based artists.

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