Showcasing a Belt with Heracles Knot

Next month, the Biennale des Antiquaires will take place in Paris at the Grand Palais from September 15-22, 2010.  As one antique dealer explained “We love the Biennale.  It provides the ideal setting for us to show our most significant works in the company of some of the most distinguished dealers in the world.”

One example of an exceptional antique that will be on display is a Belt with Heracles Knot from the late 4th to early 3rd century B.C. from Greece.  This belt includes gold, garnet and emerald green glass and it epitomizes the finest Greek jewelry of the Hellenistic period.  The belt includes three main parts.  It has a large Heracles knot in the center and a flat strap on each side of interlinked gold chains.

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