Printing the Old Fashioned Way

Some of the best companies are ones that realize that not everything has to be fast-paced and modern. Smock is one of these companies, based in Syracuse, New York. They are actually using letterpress techniques with the same technology that was created by Johannes Gutenberg in 1436 for their specialty stationary.

As Smock President Harold Kyle explains, “We’re part of a resurgence of letterpress that values the ink pushing into the paper; that is all a physical process.”

Most of the machines that they use are 50 years old and they produce paper that is “soft and luxurious..with the impression in them.”

As Kyle explained,  “There’s a lot of craftsmanship involved in letterpress printing. You really need to have a good eye, good with your hands. We don’t do anything fast here. We’re always trying to print slowly and print very well.” Smock’s products have been featured in design blogs, Martha Stewart Living, Woman’s Day and more.

And they have actually become the largest letterpress supplier in the US.

See more in an interview they recently did with NewsChannel 9.

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