Savannah Collections Opens Tomorrow

For anyone heading to Savannah, it is highly worthwhile to go to the Savannah Collects exhibit running from October 3, 2014 through January 18th, 2015 at the Jepson Center on 207 W. York Street.

As Telfair Museum’s director and CEO Lisa Grove explains, “One reason we’re doing this show is to really enable us to work on a strategic goal, which is to celebrate the importance of collecting art. Both as a museum working to build a permanent collection, as well as letting people in our community realize the value and joy they get from living with original works of art … We also thought it was another way for us to engage the local community. I think people who live in Savannah will be interested to learn the kinds of art that their neighbors collect.”

The exhibit has been made possible because of cultural philanthropists who are sharing their private collections. Items on display will include works by Ed Ruscha, Kara Walker, Ellsworth Kelly, Helen Levitt and others. There are also items from French printmaker Erik Desmazieres and Howard Finster.

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