Setting a Great Table

tableWe aren’t all interior designers and it’s not easy to know how to set a cute table. But with a few tips, you should be able to buy the products you need from EMBraer Paper Goods, or elsewhere, and make that table look great.

First, think about the event that you’re having. Do you want wild, splashy color choices or more subdued tones? If you’re thinking about Father’s Day, for instance, you might want to go with plates in a dark brown hue for the meal and match them with light brown desert plates. The table clothes that you purchase could, similarly, fit into the brown theme. If you’re looking to buy paper goods for a child’s birthday party, you will probably want to go with something more dramatic.

As Beth Sonnenfeld, the VP of Sales with EMBraer Paper Goods explains, “One of the most fun things to do for a child’s party is to mix and match. You might want to buy five blue plates, five yellow plates, five red plates and five green plates. Then mix and match and have a colorful and exciting party.”

One customer of EMBraer Paper Goods, Jack Elio, described his recent party for his parent’s fiftieth anniversary. As he said, “We bought these beautiful gold plates and used the gold theme throughout. The table clothes were a mix of white and gold, the plates were gold, the silverware was white and we bought white and gold balloons. Even though the paper goods were paper and not real china, the room sparkled and everything was beautiful.”

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