Spring Masters Armory Show Opening May 1st

The Park Avenue Armory is the venue for many annual art shows, but few are as eagerly anticipated as this year’s Spring Masters exhibition.  It is a new incarnation of what was formerly simply called The Spring Show NYC, this inaugural show is scheduled to run from May 1 through May 4. There will be an opening show for those with personal invitations on April 30.

This year’s show will be a wonderfully eclectic mix of art styles, from antiques, ancient art, medieval sculptures to Europeans and American paintings and outstanding examples of cutting edge modern design pieces. Collectors are sure to be out in full force since almost every taste and temperament is catered to.

Phoenix Ancient Art

Phoenix Ancient Art’s Egyptian Middle Kingdom Hippo, about 4,000 years old

Phoenix Ancient Art, a New York and Geneva-based dealer in fine ancient artwork, will have on display many unique examples of this fascinating niche in the world of fine arts. One example which Phoenix Ancient Art will display is an amazingly modern-looking wooden sculpture of a hippo which actually dates from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, approximately between 2040 and 1790 BCE.

Jumping forward a few thousand years, the William Siegal Gallery, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, specializes in ancient, museum quality textiles and objects, contemporary paintings and other fine arts, with a secondary market in Mexican masters. On display is a wonderfully symmetrically patterned “Stepped Cushma,” a textile from the Nazca culture of Peru, dating to 200 to 600 AD.

Don’t let these two examples lead you to believe that the Spring Festival is overly focused on the past; nothing could be further from the truth. Take for example the wares brought to the show by Michael Goedhuis, a connoisseur of the most amazing artworks originating today from Asia, with a recent focus on Chinese contemporary Ink Art. Goedhuis will have on exhibit a piece created in 2014 called “Peacock: Jade Green,” ink, acrylic and lacquer on paper, created by contemporary Chinese artist Wei Ligang.

This is just the briefest of overviews of what visitors can expect to see at the Armory’s Spring Masters show, where over 50 exhibitors will proudly display their wares.

Rozita Shay, director of New York’s Soufer Gallery, had this to say about the fair:

“I love the layout; there is a certain open flow through the entire fair, allowing one to easily wonder from one booth into another. There is a level of sophistication and stature that comes with the work represented here. Nothing against contemporary fairs, of course, but the elegance and history here at Spring Masters is what I’ve been enjoying most.”

Come and see for yourself.

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