Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ Nominated for 12 Oscars

Steven Spielberg’s latest historical epic Lincoln has been nominated for twelve Academy Awards. More than just a blockbuster film, this project involved months of intense research and immediately captivated the audience with its dramatic illustration of American history.

How it will fare against its competition, which includes Ben Affleck’s critically-acclaimed Argo, is unclear, but the majesty of Lincoln is irrefutable.

60 Minutes ran a segment on the film, profiling director Steven Spielberg and actor Daniel Day Lewis and the creative processes that they both went through while making the film.

The topic of Abraham Lincoln has always fascinated American authors and screenwriters, as well as the general public. Today, February 12th, is the former president’s birthday. The Shapell Manuscript Foundation offers insights into Abraham Lincoln’s confidence and expectations, as well as his reoccurring use of the phrase “in our hands.” They also bring forth an interesting observation regarding the film.

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