Staten Island Arts Opening Soon

For those in New York who love art, this information is quite exciting. The Staten Island Arts will open on June 7th in the new Culture Lab in the St. George ferry terminal. The multi-use lounge will include offices, exhibit space, performance space and a 400 square foot retail Artist Market, totaling 2500 square feet.

As Melanie Cohn, executive director of Staten Island Arts, said “We’re excited on the national level to put art in a transit hub. We really want to be a national example for what can done.”

The location will be available to visitors from Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm and on weekends from noon to 5pm. Tuesdays will be hopping, with the space open until 10pm for evening classes that are geared towards local artists.

As explained on the Silive website, “The Artist Market will be updated frequently, featuring a variety of unique, handmade goods under a New York harbor theme. Items will include everything from paintings, to scarfs and artisanal soaps crafted by local artists. Upon opening, the market will feature about 30 artists’ works. Fifty percent of the price tag will go to Staten Island Arts, the other 50 percent to the artist.

Similar to a museum gift shop, the market will showcase plenty of area-specific works as well as a revolving door of holiday-related goods.”

Learn more about this exciting project here.